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Luke 11:24

When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest; and finding none, he saith, I will return unto my house whence I came out


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Ayo Otuyalo

Here, Jesus tells a story about what happens after a demon or an unclean spirit has been cast out of a man.As stated in our text, the demon that was cast out immediately began to walk through the dry places looking for a resting place but found none. It is safe to assume that the resting place the demon was looking for was another human being to possess. Since the demon or unclean spirit could not find a resting place, he decided to go back to where he was coming from.

Our text states that the demon calls the place HIS HOUSE. Even after he had been cast out, the demon still referred to the place as HIS HOUSE. Does the devil still have claim over your life? It doesn’t matter what pact or agreement you had with the devil before you got saved. Once you are saved and have been delivered from every satanic covenant, agreement and possession; the devil or anything that represents evil has NO RIGHT to lay any claim on you. It is important to note that the bid for the devil to make a comeback means that he is not going down quietly or without a fight.Another point to note from this story is that it is not enough just to get saved and be delivered from satanic covenants, agreements and possession, we must remain delivered by ensuring that every access point is closed. We must ensure that we stay away from sin and stay in a place of consistent study of God’s word, fasting and prayer.

This is the only way we can prevent a comeback by the devil. Does cancer have a claim over you? Does poverty have a claim over you? Does failure, premature death or divorce have a claim over you? You need to ISSUE a spiritual disclaimer against poverty, setbacks, barrenness, failure, delay, sickness, ancestral curses, agreements and covenants because Jesus destroyed every covenant and curse and released us from every bondage.YOU ARE FREE in Jesus’ Name.


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